SEO For RapidWeaver – Making An Easy To Follow Navigation Menu

May 9th, 2011

Navigating through a website should not be a difficult task. Find out how to make your site easier to navigate for your users, while making it more friendly for search engines.

Video Transcript

This optimization is very simple and easy to accomplish. When it comes to the navigation of a website, there is nothing search engines like to see more, than a nice structural and consistent navigation menu.

What this means, is that your navigation menu should flow from page to page within your site. There shouldn’t be any differences in your navigation menu on any page on your site. A good navigation menu also includes proper keyterms linking to pages relevant to each of the keyterms. In other words, the keyterm is not misleading to any user who might click on it. Google likes it when websites have a natural flowing hierarchy that makes it easy for users to go from one page to the next. Making your users click several times before landing on the page they want is not the right approach to take.

Google also likes a breadcrumb navigation, which looks like this; This is a row of links which allow users to easily navigate back to the previous page, or to a page which is more than one back click away. These breadcrumb navigations can be helpful to your users and are best placed at the top or bottom of each page.

Navigation menus are very easy to edit in RapidWeaver. Simply click on the page, and then press the Page Info button. Then type your new page name in the Page Title field. You will want to make sure that these keyterms are not excessively long, and that they are not misleading. In addition, some pages won’t require you to make new keyterms. For example, a contact might not need to have a keyword in the navigation menu. Leaving it as Contact, or Contact Us will suffice.

There is also a breadcrumb feature in RapidWeaver that we can also turn on. Press the Setup button, and select the Advanced tab. There you will see an option to display breadcrumb trails. Click on the tickbox to activate the breadcrumb trails. You will notice that the breadcrumb trails appear at the bottom of each page.

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