Creating Content Search Engines Love

May 14th, 2011

Video Transcript

The content you place on your site will have a large impact on your search engine rankings, as well as your ability to obtain incoming links.  Each page on your site should contain content in the form of text. Ideally, you should have about 250 to 500 words on each page. In that text, you should make it a point to include the key-terms that relate to that specific page. Do not overload the text with those key-terms too many times, but use them when it is appropriate to do so. Within your text, it might also be a good idea to link to highly regarded sites that are relevant to what your page and key-terms are about. This allows search engines to relate the pages you link to with the content on your site.

A blog is a fantastic place for you to add some content to your website without having to create another page. Adding content on your blog adds freshness to your site, and shows search engines that the site is still being looked after. Search engines put a lot of emphasis on the natural growth of content on a site. So adding new content to your site, will over time improve its search engine ranking.

When writing your content, keep in mind that you should always avoid having duplicate content on your site. This means no copying and pasting articles from other sites, and no taking your past articles and simply re-wording them. Remember to write content for your users, and not for search engines. Like mentioned earlier, overloading the text with key-terms will be annoying to your users. Lastly, make sure you double check your spelling and grammar. This is very important because this could influence your link-ability.

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