SEIntelligence: Loading Your Website

June 4th, 2011

SEIntelligence is our most powerful SEO software to date. With SEIntelligence, you are able to load in your website, and compare it to your top ranking competitors. You can then modify your site to be more like your competition. The tutorial below will introduce you to SEIntelligence, and tell you how to load your website into the tool.

Video Transcript:

When you first launch SEIntelligence, the Manager window will popup, giving you three different options. The options are for optimizing a local website, analyzing competitor’s backlinks, and watching video tutorials.

Let’s start by clicking on the button next to Optimize Local Website.

In this window, here is where we will be given the different options for opening our websites. The existing profiles section shows websites that have already been loaded into SEIntelligence. This means that if this is your first time using the application, this section should be blank, and if you have used it before, an existing profile, or existing profiles should be present.

To load a site into SEIntelligence, you can open a site from your local hard drive, download the site from your FTP server, or download the website from a URL.

If you choose to download the website from a URL, keep in mind this warning at the bottom which says that publishing a site back to an FTP server that was download from a URL is not recommended.

If you are opening a website from a local folder, select the first option, and press the Next button. Then type in your website’s URL, but remember NOT to include http or www. Then press the Choose button, and find your website folder, and press Choose again. Then press the Next button.

If you are downloading a website from an FTP server, select that option, and press Next. Type in your domain at the top of the window, and then enter your FTP login details. Then press the Download button. It can take several minutes for your website files to download.

If you are downloading a website from a URL, select that option and press Next. Type in your URL and press the Get button.

So those are the different ways of loading your site into SEIntelligence. Be sure to watch the other free videos to learn more about how to use SEIntelligence.

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  2. samuel Says:

    I knew it would take awhile to download my site through FTP but its taking 4 hours today. I have a perfect internet connection and my website is rather simple.

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