SEIntelligence: Getting To Know The On-Page Optimizations Window

June 5th, 2011

Before we jump into optimizing our sites right away, it is best to first take a tour of the on-page optimization window in SEIntelligence, and become familiar with the functions of each section.

Video Transcript:

After you’ve loaded your website into SEIntelligence, you will see a window that looks similar to this. This is where we will be doing all of our on-page optimizations.

Let’s quickly familiarize ourselves with all the aspects of this on-page optimization window.

On the far left, you will see all of the files that are contained in the website folder that you loaded into the application.

Clicking on one of the HTML files will show the meta keywords under the Keyword heading. You can add, or delete these keywords by clicking the plus sign, or minus sign at the bottom of the window.

This section is where you will find all of the on-page recommendations for your site. We will discuss this section in greater detail in another video.

The Suggest Keywords button will allow you find more keywords that are related to the keywords that you currently have on your website.

The Get Competitors button will give you the search results for your top 10 competitors for the keywords you have chosen. We’ll also talk about this more in depth in another video, but here is what the results look like.

The site settings button will allow you to do certain things such a specifying your domain preferences, as well as your Sitemap location, and adding analytical codes such as Google Analytics and Statcounter. The publish button will allow you to publish your site along with its changes, to your server. We will also dicsuss these two buttons more in depth in another video.

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