How To Publish A WebCrusher Optimized Site To An FTP Client

July 19th, 2011

Although WebCrusher lets you publish your website directly to your FTP server some users want to use their own FTP client. If you like using an FTP client for publishing your website, you still have that option after you have run your site through WebCrusher. Follow the instructions in the video tutorial to learn how.

Video Transcript

To publish your WebCrusher optimized site using a third-party FTP client, follow these simple steps.

First, locate your optimized website folder by clicking Export, and selecting the Open Enclosing Folder tab. Then press the Next button, and your optimized website folder should appear in the Finder window.

Open your FTP client. For this demonstration, I am using CyberDuck which is a free FTP client which you can download from or the Mac App Store. Once your FTP login information has been entered, and you’ve connected to your server, locate the directory on your server that your website is associated with… and then drag and drop the optimized website folder into that directory. When your site has finished uploading, you can visit it and view the source code to make sure it has published correctly.

If your code looks tightly squeezed together like you see here, then you have published it properly.

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