SEIntelligence : Video Instructions

October 26th, 2011

Listed below are step-by-step instructions for using SEIntelligence. It is highly recommended that you watch each video and follow the recommendations. The videos are fairly short in length, but watching them and following along will make your optimizations go a lot smoother.


1. Opening Your Website in SEIntelligence
2. Keyword Research – Learning how to find high quality keywords

On-Page Optimizations
2. Getting Familiar With On-Page Optimizations
3. Adding Meta Keywords & Getting Ready To Do On-Page Optimizations
4. Adding Great Title Tags To Enhance Search Engine Visibility
5. Writing A High Quality Meta Description
6. Editing Other Meta Tags
7. All About Header Tags
8. The Importance Of Internal Links
9.Putting Words To An Image with Alt Text
10.High Quality Page Content
11. Using the Site Settings Tab
12. Applying Changes & Publishing Your Site
13. Re-Opening Your Site In SEIntelligence
Site Settings

1. Site Settings
2. Header & Footer Code Tab

Other SEIntelligence Videos

1. SEIntelligence for RapidWeaver – Part 1

2 Responses to “SEIntelligence : Video Instructions”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Please tell me how you publish to a folder in SEIntelligence. Im trying to use Webcrusher with it and am having no luck. Any help would be sweet..

  2. paul Says:

    When you click apply in SEIntelligence it publishes the changes to the website you have opened in it. There is no need to Export to a folder with SEIntelligence.

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