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November 17th, 2011

The Site Settings section of SEIntellgence has some very cool features that most webmaster might never think to utilize. Watch the tutorial below to learn about the Site Settings section and how to properly use the features.

Video Transcript:

On the Site Settings tab in SEIntelligence, the first tab is for our domain. If your website’s domain is not already there, then type it in. Most of yours should already be there.

Setting your preferred domain tells search engines if you prefer to use the www version of your website or the non-www version of your website. The reason this is significant is because other sites may link to your site using the www or without the www. Search engines will classify these as two separate websites if no preferred domain is specified. Specifying your preferred domain will indicate to search engines to list your website with the www or without the www in search results. The choice is yours, however, we do recommend at least choosing one of these two options.


SEIntelligence also gives you the option to forward a not found page to a different page.  This means that if someone types in one of your web page URLs incorrectly, or if one of your pages no longer exists, it will forward the user to the page of your choice, rather than showing them a Page Not Found webpage. Simply check the box to forward the page, and select the page of your choice in the drop down menu.

You can also upload a favicon. Favicons are these tiny little images that appear beside URLs in the address bar. Simply click on Select Image For Favicon and select the image you want to use.

On the robots tab, here is where you would indicate to search engines which pages on your site you don’t want to be indexed. So for example, if I had a private page on my website called users.html, I would press this Plus button and type in that page. Most of you will be able to just leave this tab blank, but if you do wish to block one of your pages, this is how you can easily do so.

If your website has a Sitemap, or multiple Sitemaps, you can specify the location of your Sitemap here. If you do not have a Sitemap, or you are not sure what a Sitemap is, I encourage you to take a look at our page for Sitemap Automator which will help you to easily create and publish an XML Sitemap.

On the header and footer code tab, here is where you will put items such as Google Analytics codes, and codes. Another video will show you how to obtain and add both of these codes, and where to place each of them.

When you are done with the Site Settings section, don’t forget to click the Update button to ensure your changes are saved.

2 Responses to “SEIntelligence : Site Settings”

  1. 404 Not Working Says:

    I have selected a 404 page on my site in the site settings but when I intentionally enter a wrong url it gives be a generic 404 page in safari. The 404 command or option doesn’t seem to be working. Any suggestions?

  2. paul Says:

    Please contact support with more details and we’d be happy to help you get this resolved ASAP.

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