MobileMe To RAGE Web Hosting – Already Own A Domain

January 2nd, 2012


If you already own a domain name, you have two options to choose from. Click on the link to get instructions for the option you want to choose. If you are not sure what these options mean, information regarding them is posted below these two links.

1. I want to transfer my domain to RAGE Web Hosting

2. I want to keep my domain at it’s current registrar, but have RAGE host the website.

What Does It Mean?

The first option, transferring your domain, allows you to take your domain from your current registrar and have it housed with RAGE Web Hosting. This means you will do all domain renewals through RAGE and not your old registrar. The pros to doing it this way are that you only need to deal with one company. In addition, any future issues regarding domain and hosting can be handled easily when both the domain and the hosting are with RAGE. There is only one extra step involved with transferring so it is not a difficult process.

The second option, keeping the domain where it currently is, allows you to not move the domain, but still have your website hosted with RAGE. A bit less is involved with this process, but this will leave you with having your domain and your hosting at two separate companies. In some cases, some users will need to use this option (depending on the domains extension).

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