WebDesign 3.6 Released

March 22nd, 2012

We have just released an update to WebDesign, our HTML editor with built-in ready made templates, and live side-by-side previews. WebDesign’s side-by-side previews allow you to visualize your work as you edit the code.

The following are items that have been addressed in this release.

[NEW] Specify the default height and width of new document windows
[NEW] Support for additional HTML5 tags
[NEW] Plugins now get installed in the Application Support folder
[FIX] Fixed issues with color picker not inserting the selected color
[FIX] Inserting a line break respects XHTML settings
[FIX] Checking links would always report the error was on line 0
[FIX] Find all would report the wrong line number
[FIX] Clicking in the webpage preview selects the corresponding HTML and sets focus to the text editor so you can continue typing
[FIX] Webpage preview won’t cache media and css files anymore
[FIX] Quick view in the Site Manager now closes when you press the space bar
[FIX] Tools window changed to Items window
This update is free to all current WebDesign 3.x users.

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