How To Verify Your Website With Pinterest Using Sitemap Automator

March 27th, 2013

Video Transcript:

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can verify your website with Pinterest, using Sitemap Automator.

One thing I want everyone to keep in mind is that sites such as Pinterest are constantly changing their user interfaces, so if you are watching this video and some things you see here are not matching up with what you see in your web browser, don’t worry, the same principles will apply even if things are in different locations.

So the first thing you will need to do is sign up for a Pinterest account. We’re going to skip over that part as that is something you will be able to do on your own.

Once logged in, click on your username in the top right corner, and select settings. Next, scroll down a bit to where it says Website. Make sure your website URL has been entered, and the spelling is correct. Then click on Verify Website.

Step one says to Download the verification file. Click on the download link to download the file. Make sure you only download this file one time. Some users tend to download it multiple times by accident. When doing this, you will end up with multiple files of the same name in the Downloads folder, and the file will get renamed causing this process to not work. So I will just repeat, do not download this verification file more than once.

Next, launch Sitemap Automator. Click on File and select Publish Verification File.

Click on the Select Verification File button to locate your verification file. Highlight the verification file and then click on the Open button. Quickly just double check to make sure that your verification file name matches up the file name on the Pinterest page.

Now we can proceed by clicking on the Publish to FTP button. Next, enter all your FTP login information. Just to make sure our login information is correct, let’s click on the Browse button. No error message appears and I am able to see some files and folders for my server, so I will proceed by closing this window and clicking on the Upload button.

Once the upload is complete, I will return to that Pinterest page and click on the Click here to complete the process button. My verification file has been accepted and I can see here that my site has been vitrified with Pinterest.

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  1. GreenArrowConsultancy Says:

    I understood the tuts, But before proceeding why I need to verify my Pinterest Account ?

    Is it that much important in SEO point of view? Usually We verify only to major search engine Bing, Google.

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