Beautiful Yosemite (10.10) Released By Apple

October 17th, 2014

EverWeb Is Compatible With Yosemite!

Yesterday marked the official launch of Yosemite, Apple’s latest update to the OS X operating system. We are proud to announce that EverWeb is compatible with Yosemite, so for those of you wondering if you can install the update and still use EverWeb, the answer is yes! The latest official release of EverWeb is version 1.6 so make sure that is the current version on your computer.

Yosemite brings some exciting new changes to your Mac, and that means that EverWeb will bring some new changes as well. The next version of EverWeb (1.7) will be even better and include many changes that gives the app a beautiful Yosemite look. Keep your eye out for a beta version of 1.7 to be released on our forums within the next little while.

More EverWeb News

Many EverWeb users have submitted their EverWeb made sites to be displayed on the EverWeb website. A lot of you have created some amazing websites and we are very impressed. Check them out and see just how incredible an EverWeb site can be!

As a reminder, any standalone users wishing to upgrade to an EverWeb + Hosting plan can do so in their account by going to Services > My Services, and clicking on the arrow next to View Details where you will see the Upgrade link.

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