EverWeb Highlights: Summer 2016 Edition

August 12th, 2016

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Welcome to the Summer Edition of EverWeb Highlights which rounds up all the news, features, articles, tips and tricks about EverWeb from the last few months.


The EverWeb April 2016 Survey

A big thank you to everyone who completed the April Survey on the EverWeb Discussion Forum. We really appreciate all your feedback and suggestions on what you would like to see in future releases of EverWeb. We’re working hard on including some highly requested feature suggestions in to the next major release of EverWeb so stay tuned to the Announcements section of the Discussion Forum for the latest news!


EverWeb versions 1.9.5 & 1.9.6 Released

Since our EverWeb Highlights: Winter Edition, there have been two updates to EverWeb:  Version 1.9.5 featured optimisations for speed, memory efficiency and stability. The Video Widget also received an big update with many requested customization options added such as  volume settings, autoplay and video poster images. For more information on the feature list of 1.9.5 please see ‘Introducing EverWeb version 1.9.5’.

April 2016 introduced EverWeb version 1.9.6. featuring performance and stability improvements. The full release notes can be found in ‘Introducing EverWeb Version 1.9.6

The release notes also detail how you can update your product to the latest version if you haven’t done so already.


Blog Updates

There are a number of new Blogs articles to read up on, including:

Getting Started with EverWeb – a six part series on EverWeb basics

EverWeb’s Heading Tags Widget

PDF File Downloads using Popup Windows

Justified Text in EverWeb

Documenting Your Website


YouTube Video Updates

We’ve added 12 great new videos to our YouTube Channel, highlighting EverWeb product features, hints and tips and many ‘How to Do’s’. Our YouTube Channel has plenty of new and updated videos and is updated regularly and it’s easy to sign up to. Some of the titles we’ve recently  added include

  • Adding and Embedding a Video
  • The Projects Window
  • Google Maps
  • The Audio Widget
  • Adding a Facebook Like to Your EverWeb Website
  • How to add Jump and Smooth Scroll Anchor Links to Your Website
  • Adding Retina Images to Your EverWeb Website
  • Resizing Header on Scroll – Full Width Resize Header Widget for EverWeb
  • Using Google Fonts in EverWeb
  • How to Transfer an EverWeb Project File to Another Computer
  • Introduction to EverWeb – A Quick Start Guide
  • Sticky Header in EverWeb – Making a Fixed Position Header


EverWeb on Social Media

We all have a favorite Social Media platform for staying connected! As well as the EverWeb website and Discussion Forum, you can find all the latest EverWeb news and info on the following social media…





Twitter handle @ragesw


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know in the Comments section below, we’re happy to help!

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