EverWeb Highlights: Winter 2015-16 Edition

February 3rd, 2016

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Welcome to the Winter Edition of EverWeb highlights… Over the last couple of months we’ve been busy honing the latest beta test version of EverWeb, getting it ready for its official release. We’ve added some new YouTube videos for you with some highly requested ‘How To’ tutorials and some new blogs with lots of additional hints, tips and ideas for your website building projects. Here’s the summary of all that’s new…


YouTube Channel

The EverWeb YouTube Channel now has approximately 150 videos on every aspect of EverWeb. The video channel regularly has new video content uploaded so it’s worth signing up to! Videos are also regularly updated when we’ve added new functionality to existing features such as new options in the PayPal Widget. When you subscribe to the YouTube Channel you’ll get an email when new or updated content is released. our latest videos include the following:

How To Sell Digital Goods on Your Website – Selling Digital Goods with EverWeb & PayPal

How To Back Up An EverWeb Project File – Backing Up a Project Using Dropbox

How To Share An EverWeb Project File Using Dropbox – Use EverWeb On Multiple Computers

Is there a video tutorial that you’d like to see on the YouTube Channel? Let us know on the General Discussion section of the EverWeb Forum or in the comments section below.


EverWeb Blogs

Blogs are great as they wonderfully versatile from quick tips, to ‘How To’s’ and in-depth discovery articles… Our latest blogs below showcase this kind of mix some quick tips about the Image Gallery Widget and an in-depth look at shielding your visitors from the Internet’s infamous 404 message! Don’t forget that we also have a large content library available on EverWeb if you want to browse ‘back issues’ at any time.

15 EverWeb Image Gallery Widget Tips

Take Control Of ‘404 Page Not Found’ Messages in EverWeb

Is there anything about EverWeb that you want us to write about in a Blog article? What would you like to see more of? Or less of? Let us know below!


Social Media

We all have a favorite Social Media platform for staying connected! As well as the everwebapp.com website, you can find all the latest EverWeb news and info on the following social media…





Twitter handle @ragesw

If you have a  favorite Social Media platform that we don’t cover we would like to know! Just drop a comment to us below!


Coming Soon…

The EverWeb beta test of version 1.9.5 is now in the final candidate stage before release. If you’re interested in testing you can till download the beta from the Discussion Forum. Thanks to everyone who helps us test future versions of EverWeb and sends in feedback. It’s incredibly valuable so please let us know if you do find anything during testing.



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