Help and Support Resources for EverWeb

July 26th, 2018

Help and Support Resources in EverWeb


If you are new to EverWeb, perhaps you need some help with installation or setting up your first website project. If you have used EverWeb for a while, you may want some help to better understand one of EverWeb’s many features. You may have a question on how best to achieve your website design goal. Maybe you have a technical issue that you cannot resolve on your own.

The problem with most questions is where to find the answer. Fortunately EverWeb has many ways in which you can get the help you need to quickly answer whatever question or issue you have. Below is a roundup of the available resources that can help you out!


The EverWeb User Manual

The EverWeb User Manual is a great place to start if you’re new to EverWeb as it explains in detail the EverWeb User Interface and how to create your first website. There is plenty of information on how to add and edit web pages using long standing and new EverWeb features right through to publishing your website on the Internet.

The EverWeb User Manual is usually updated with each point release so it is always up to date with any new or improved product features. You can access the EverWeb User Manual right from the Projects Window when you launch EverWeb or at any time from the Help-> EverWeb Manual menu option.


EverWeb Video Tutorials

Tutorial videos are really useful as they guide you through features and functions of EverWeb more easily and quickly than in written form. You can also pause the video at any time if you need a break.

You can access EverWeb’s tutorial videos directly from EverWeb’s Projects Window by clicking on the ‘Learn how to use EverWeb’ button. When you click on the button, you will be taken to the EverWeb Video Training Library that contains over 80 video tutorials.

There are hundreds of other EverWeb video tutorials available on YouTube. Videos are added throughout the month so subscribe to our EverWeb channel to stay updated!


The EverWeb Discussion Forum

The EverWeb Discussion Forum is the place where you can ask your EverWeb related questions to other members of the EverWeb community. Categories include ‘Feature Requests’ if you have an idea  for features you would like to suggest for inclusion in a future release of EverWeb, a ‘How Do I…?’ section where you can ask questions about how to achieve your design goals, a ‘Bug Report’ section where you can log any problems that you think are a bug in the product, and a ‘General Discussion’ section for anything that does not fit in to other categories!

There are two other useful categories in the Forum, the first is the ‘Announcements’ section which posts news about new product releases, beta test products and other important EverWeb related news. The ‘Third Party Products and Announcements’ section is where third party providers announce their own third party products e.g. widgets, Theme Templates, books on EverWeb etc.

The EverWeb Discussion Forum can also be accessed from your EverWeb Client Area using the Support-> Discussion Forum menu option, from within EverWeb itself using Help-> Discussion Forum menu option or via the EverWeb website.


Help Icon Within EverWeb

One of the useful Help features in EverWeb can be found directly next to many features within the product itself. The Help Icon, represented by a question mark within a circle, when clicked upon will take you directly to a tutorial video relating to the feature in question.

The Help icon is a quick and useful way to get pertinent information and help on the feature you need to know about.


The EverWeb Application Website

EverWeb’s own website serves as a great starting point for those looking to purchase EverWeb as it outlines all of the major features that can be found in the product. The website is also useful if you have already purchased EverWeb and need support or to find other EverWeb related resources. The Resources and Support menu conveniently group together everything you may need.

The EverWeb website also has its own blog with news on our latest product releases, and sometimes a sneak preview or two!


The EverWeb Knowledgebase

One of the features of the EverWeb website’s Support menu worth a special mention is the Knowledgebase option. Here you will find many useful technical and step by step ‘how to do’ articles. Just enter your search term in the Search box, or drill down using one of the listed categories. Knowledgebase articles are regularly added and updated on the website.


EverWeb Customer Support

Last but not least is EverWeb’s own Technical Support which is available if you have an active Everweb account. If you have a current EverWeb+Hosting plan you also have access to telephone technical support 24/7 on 1-888-500-2901.


This Blog

All EverWeb users have access to this blog and its extensive history of articles all about EverWeb. But if there is a topic that you think we should be writing about, or that you need more information about please let us know in the Comments Section below. What would help you build an even better website with EverWeb? We’re looking forward to hearing from you!



EverWeb on Social Media

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2 Responses to “Help and Support Resources for EverWeb”

  1. Phil Pasquini Says:

    Any reason why I can bnever just simply publish my site? All I ever have is error etc. EverWeb Version: 3.8
    Publishing To: FTP
    Protocol: Regular FTP
    Ignore Passive IP: TRUE
    Passive Mode: TRUE
    Max Connections: 3
    Total Files Published: 0
    Total Files To Publish: 4
    Found bundle for host: 0x6000017d3870 [serially]
    Hostname ‘’ was found in DNS cache
    Connected to ( port 21 (#1)
    220———- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ———-
    220-You are user number 7 of 500 allowed.
    220-Local time is now 14:34. Server port: 21.
    220-This is a private system – No anonymous login
    220 You will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity.
    USER philpasq
    331 User philpasq OK. Password required

    230-Your bandwidth usage is restricted
    230 OK. Current restricted directory is /
    257 “/” is your current location
    Entry path is ‘/’
    CWD public_html
    ftp_perform ends with SECONDARY: 0
    250 OK. Current directory is /public_html
    Connect data stream passively
    229 Extended Passive mode OK (|||50370|)
    Connecting to ( port 50370
    Connected to ( port 21 (#1)
    TYPE I
    Recv failure: Connection reset by peer
    Closing connection 1

  2. Simon Says:

    Hi Phil

    Thanks for the message. It looks like there is an issue with your bandwidth that is stopping publication here. Please take this message to your hosting provider to see why your bandwidth has been restricted. They should be able to resolve this directly and quickly for you.

    If you have no success, the EverWewb Support team may be able to give you some additional pointers that you can go back to your Hosting company with to help resolve the issue. Please contact your hosting provider first, and if this does not work out for you, then open a support ticket with our team.

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