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April 2nd, 2020

EverWeb’s Assets List received a big makeover in EverWeb 3.0 with the addition of the Assets List Organizer which lets you organize your website project’s image files and other media such as audio, video and PDF files, into folders and subfolders. 

In this blog, we take a look at how easy it is to organize your project file’s assets just the way you want.

What Organize Your Assets

Image files and other media are your EverWeb project file’s “assets” which can be conveniently organised in to folders and subfolders. This is especially useful if your website has a large number of assets. It is also useful if you want to organize assets based on the pages you have created in your website.

When you click on the Assets tab, the first thing you will notice is the Assets List Organizer at the top of the Assets List. The new feature looks and functions in a similar way to the organizer in the Widgets tab.

The Assets List Organizer

The Assets List Organizer includes a search box so that you can easily locate the asset you want. The Organizer also has three buttons:

  • The ‘+’ button lets you to add a new folder to the Assets List
  • The ‘-‘ button allows you to delete a folder, or one or more assets, from the Assets List
  • The Settings Cog displays a menu of actions specific to the Assets List: Sorting the list, finding unused assets and displaying detailed information about the assets in the Assets List. The Settings Cog replaces the up/down arrows found in versions of EverWeb prior to 3.0, but the features functionality remains the same as before.

Creating an Assets List Folder

To create a new Assets List folder:

  1. Click on the Assets tab in the Inspector Window if you have not done so already.
  2. To create a folder in the ‘Images’ section of the Assets List, either click on the title ‘Images’, an existing folder in the Images section, or on one of the image assets in the Images list.
  3. To create a folder in the ‘External Files’ section of the Assets List, either click on the title ‘External Files’, an existing folder in the External Files section, or on one of the assets in the External Files list. 
  4. Click on the ‘+’ button to create the new folder.
  5. Enter the name of the folder. You can use letters, numbers and a variety of special characters. If you enter characters that are not allowed, EverWeb will ignore them. Click on the ‘OK’ button to finish. The folder will be created.
  6. The folder will be created at the top of the Assets List unless you have created a subfolder. In this case, the new folder will be inside the patent folder. To create a subfolder highlight a folder in the Assets List, then click on the ‘+’ button. Name the folder as in the above step.
  7. You can also create a new folder by secondary clicking in the Images or External Files section. A menu will appear. Click on the ‘Add Folder’ option and continue with step 5 above.

Renaming a Folder

To rename a folder in the Assets List, just double click on its name. Edit the name and press ‘Enter’ to finish.

Adding and Moving Assets

To add an asset in to a folder, drag it from its current location in the Assets List and drop it on top of the folder. The file will be added to the folder. If you already have files within the folder and the folder itself is open, you can drag and drop the file on top of the files that are within the folder.

To move a file from a folder, drag it to the left of the triangle symbol. The file will be relocated one level up. To move a file back in to the main Asset List, move it left of the left most triangle symbol. To move a subfolder, drag and drop the folder to its new location.

To move a group of assets that are listed consecutively in the Assets List, click on the first asset in the list, then Shift+Click on the last asset you want to move in the list. Drag and drop the highlighted assets to their new location.

To move files that are listed in different locations in the Assets List, click on the first asset you want to move, then press Command+Click on each of the other assets in the list that you want to move. When you have finished selecting the assets, drag and drop the highlighted assets in to the folder where want you them.

Deleting an Assets List Folder

You can delete a folder from the Assets List in a number of ways. First highlight the folder you want to delete in the Assets List then either:

  • Click on the ‘-‘ button in the Assets List Organizer.
  • Press the backspace key or
  • Secondary click on the folder and select the ‘Delete Folder’ option.

In all cases, a dialog box will be appear with options to ‘Delete Folders & Contents’, ‘Delete Folders Only’ or ‘Cancel’. Select the option of your choice
If you select ‘Delete Folders Only’, any assets the folder contains will be moved to the next folder level up in the Assets List. 

Displaying Folders

When you add a new folder to the Assets List, it will be empty and the folder will be displayed as closed, which is shown by the triangle symbol pointing to the right, towards the folder name. You can toggle the folder open or closed by clicking on the triangle symbol. When the folder is open, the triangle points downwards and the folder contents are displayed.

EverWeb’s New Assets List folder capabilities is a great way to organize your asset management. In a future blog, we will take a closer look at the Asset Lists new Share Sheet and Preview options!

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