EverWeb’s Image Gallery Widget Pagination Feature

October 8th, 2020

The Image Gallery Widget is one of the EverWeb’s original set of widgets included in the product when it debuted back in November 2013. The widget is designed to show off your images in an organised manner and at first it only included four basic options. Seven years later, the addition of many new and enhanced features, the widget gives you an easy yet flexible way to display your images to their best effect.

The Image Gallery Widget 2020

The Image Gallery Widget has come along way for sure, but one of its enduring features is that you can still drag and drop your images on to the widget in the Editor Window. Images can be drag and dropped from either the Assets List or from another source such as the desktop or from a Finder Window. Reordering images within the widget also remains the same, just drag and drop the image you want to move from its original location to its new location within the widget. All wonderfully easy!

What the current version of the widget has over the original version is an Assets List in the Widget Settings tab so that you can easily see the file names of your images. The Assets List also provides an alternative method of adding, moving and deleting images from the widget.

Moving the Image Gallery Widget

Whilst dragging and dropping images on to the Image Gallery widget is consentient, moving the widget itself around the page could in the past cause some issues. In EverWeb 1.0, you had to make sure that you grabbed the widget in exactly the right spot to be able to move it around the page, otherwise you could be grabbing one of the images within it instead! Later versions of EverWeb added a small ‘+’ symbol in the widget’s top right hand corner which you could click and drag to move the widget around the page. In the latest version of EverWeb you get a more prominent coloured directional indicator in the top right hand corner of the widget to make moving it around super easy.

An Improved Appearance

The original widget only allowed you to change the size of the image thumbnail and the spacing between images, whilst the most recent version of the widget gives you a wide range of options to control the appearance of your image gallery. You can now have up to six columns in the gallery and you can set how many images per page you want. The Image Gallery can display its images in Portrait, Landscape, Fill, Fit or Default gallery sizes. There is also an option to caption your images as well.

An Improved Slideshow

The Slideshow feature of the widget in version 1.0 was again very basic as you could only change the slideshow time and whether to autoplay the slideshow or not. Things have come a long way as you can now control the image size (Larger images and slower download times, or smaller images and faster download times). There are also options within the slideshow to show Social Media buttons, a Zoom button, Full Screen button and Download button. All these options have also recently debuted in a new slick, updated, responsive slideshow bringing the feature nicely in to 2020!

Improved Image Gallery Pagination

The most recent update to the Image Gallery Widget added a new Pagination feature to the widget. If you are familiar with Blog Post Pagination you will notice the similarity. Pagination helps your visitors easily move between gallery pages when you have more than one page of images to display. Whilst there has been pagination in the Image Gallery Widget for a long time, the feature was not easy to stylize until EverWeb version 3.2. Now you can have pagination buttons at the top, bottom or top and bottom of the gallery. The pagination buttons can be customized to include the background, mouse over, selected and deselected background colors that you want for your site. You also have control over the corner radius of your buttons and how far the buttons are spaced apart.

If you want to change the font and size of the pagination numbers, just click inside the pagination area, then press Command+T to call up the Fonts Panel. Select the Font and Font Size that you want from there! If you want to change the color of the pagination numbers, go to the Hyperlinks Inspector. Remember that the pagination buttons are links! Set the colors and underlines of these links using the Normal Rollover and Visited options.

EverWeb’s Image Gallery has come a long way since its debut. If you want a quick, easy and flexible way to display images in your website, check it out!

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