EverWeb Celebrates Its 6th Anniversary!

November 14th, 2019

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but EverWeb celebrates its 6th birthday next week! It’s been another huge year and it is always a perfect opportunity for us to thank all of our customers and third party providers for your continued loyalty and support over the last year!

The last year has truly been phenomenal for EverWeb! Here’s a round up of the last 12 months in the world of EverWeb!

Responsive Website Design Comes To EverWeb!

Last November, EverWeb 2.8 was released with the most asked for feature… Responsive Web Design. Integrating Responsive Web Design in to EverWeb took time to perfect as we were determined to make its implementation as simple, as easy and as ‘EverWeb’ as possible. We’ve been thrilled by the reaction from our customers whose feedback has helped us refine and improve responsive web design in EverWeb 2.9 and in the recently released EverWeb 3.0.

Tools such as ‘Show on device’, breakpoints, rulers, maximum width and page margins are just some of the options added since EverWeb 2.8 and we have more enhancements coming over the next year!

New and Updated Widgets

Each year brings lots of updates for EverWeb’s built in widgets and this year was no exception! The introduction of responsive web design meant that most of EverWeb’s widgets gained full width capability. As always, key widgets gained new features. The PayPal e-commerce widget gained product image and product description fields making it easier to add products to your page. There’s also a great new styled button so you can create your own pay buttons on the fly! And, of course, many other minor feature enhancements too numerous to mention!

The Contact Form Advanced widget goes from strength to strength! The Contact Form Enhanced Addon was the big news letting you manage the customer data that you receive from your contact forms. There were also other important new features introduced such as reCAPTCHA anti-Spam support, a new styled button, new placeholder field, a new Selection List control, text file importing for lists and much, much more!

The introduction of responsive design in EverWeb 2.8 also saw the introduction of Responsive Row, Responsive Image Gallery, FlexBox and Text Section widgets to make working in a responsive design environment even easier. Each widget has gained new features over the last 12 months making them more versatile with each EverWeb release.

As well as EverWeb’s inbuilt widgets, third party widgets from Roddy McKay’s EverWeb Widgets and the new EverWeb Galleries website continue to expand the possibilities of what can be done with widgets.

Widget and Asset Organization

EverWeb introduced Widget Organization in 2.8 so that you can organize any third party widgets into categories. This means that it’s easier to organize and find the widget you want quickly. Adding and removing third party widgets from the Widgets tab has also been made super easy.

After the Widgets Tab update, the Assets List was updated in EverWeb 3.0. The Assets List is now faster and more responsive than before and now allows you to create folders and sub-folders to organize your assets just how you want.


Over the last year, blogging has also been updated in a number of ways. Firstly with the introduction of responsive web design in EverWeb 2.8, blogging also became responsive enabled. Further updates have added blog pagination buttons for the blog main and archive pages as well as the option to add a ‘Hero’ image cover to posts displayed on the main and archive pages. Blog posts themselves also received the cover image treatment! We also added draft mode for blog posts, which was a popular request, so that you can choose not to publish a post that is currently ‘in the works’. Bloggers can also now set the post date/time as the publish date time.

Contact Forms Enhanced Addon

One of the highlights of EverWeb 3.0 came with the introduction of the Contact Forms Enhanced Addon. This new tool allows you to collect customer data from contact form submissions. The data is stored on EverWeb’s secure servers. You can download the data collected for use e.g. to build a list of newsletter subscriber email addresses, analyses survey datas collected in your contact form and so on. The possibilities are almost limitless!

The new Contact Form Enhanced Addon also allows your contact form users to upload files to the EverWeb servers where you can easily download them.

EverWeb’s Contact Forms Enhanced Addon is super easy to set up and use, just a couple of mouse clicks is all it takes!

It’s been an exciting year for EverWeb! If you’re using an older version of EverWeb, why not test drive the latest version and see the difference for yourself?

If you’re currently running EverWeb 3.0, what would you like to see in future EverWeb releases? Let us know in the Comments Section below!

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