EverWeb’s Contact Form Advanced Widget – Design Any Type of Form You Want!

November 30th, 2023
EverWeb 4.0's New Contact Forms Enhanced Widget Features

The latest EverWeb release – version 4.0 – introduces a couple of great new form controls, columns and dividers, to help you create even more stylised contact forms when using the Contact Forms Advanced widget.

The Contact Form Advanced Widget is a fully fledged form design tool that lets you create an infinite variety of different form types and styles to suit any website you may be creating.

Forms in your website can serve multiple purposes:

  1. Contact Forms: Allow visitors to get in touch with you by filling out a form with their name, email, and message. This is a basic form used on many websites for general inquiries.
  2. Feedback Forms: Collect feedback from your site’s visitors about their experience of your site, your products, and/or your services. This can help you improve your business and tackle any issues.
  3. Registration Forms: Visitors can sign up for an account, newsletter or to an event.
  4. Order Forms: Facilitate online purchases by creating forms for customers to select products or services, provide shipping details, and make payments.
  5. Surveys and Polls: Conduct market research or gather opinions with surveys or polls. This is useful for understanding your customer’s preferences, needs, and for spotting future trends.
  6. Job Application Forms: You might want to allow job seekers to submit resumes and relevant information through an online form.
  7. Newsletter Signup Forms: Capture email addresses from visitors interested in receiving updates, newsletters, or promotional materials from your website.
  8. Event Registration Forms: Manage event registrations by collecting attendee details, preferences, and any special requirements.
  9. Support Request Forms: Provide a structured way for your visitors to submit support or technical assistance requests. Include relevant details to help support teams address issues efficiently.
  10. Payment Forms: Facilitate transactions by integrating payment processing into your forms. This is common for accepting donations, selling products, or offering services.
  11. Appointment Booking Forms: Allow clients or customers to schedule appointments or reserve time slots for services.
  12. Membership Forms: Manage memberships or subscriptions by collecting information and preferences from users who want to join your community or access exclusive content.
  13. Content Submission Forms: If your website involves user-generated content, create forms for users to submit articles, images, or other contributions.
  14. Quiz and Assessment Forms: Engage users with interactive content by creating quizzes or assessments. Collect responses and provide feedback based on user input.
  15. Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Measure and analyze customer satisfaction by creating surveys that assess their experience with your products or services.

Contact Form Advanced Widget and the Contact Forms Enhanced Addon

Many of the above form types can be created just by using only the Contact Form Advanced widget. The widget itself includes all of the features that you will usually need to create a robust form. In addition, security measures are available to help protect your form from being spammed through reCAPTCHA.

Sometimes though, you may need more from your form, either in terms of the features that you want to include in it, or that you may have specific requirements, for example, you may want to store form responses in a database, or have your form respondents upload files to you. EverWeb’s Contact Forms Enhanced Addon meets such needs as it allows you to:

  1. Review all form submissions in one place.
  2. Search and manage all form submissions online.
  3. Select the data you want to use quickly and easily.
  4. Export form submission data in CSV ?le format.
  5. Let you website visitors upload ?les in your contact form to a safe, secure area in your EverWeb Client Area.
  6. Download ?les that your visitors have sent you from your contact forms.
  7. Send mass, personalized emails to anyone who has submitted a form to you
  8. Use dedicated Contact Form Enhanced addon form controls such as the Date and Time controls.

You can purchase Contact Forms Enhanced Addon directly from your EverWeb Client Area starting from just $29.95USD/Year.

The New Form Controls in EverWeb 4.0

The new EverWeb 4.0 release brings a new Column Form Control to your contact form so that you can easily organise form controls on your form. For example, you may want to have a first name and last name field on the same line in your form. Place these Form Controls one after another in your Form Controls list. Next, add another form control which will be for the columns. Place this control above the first and last name fields. Set the Form Control type to Column, then set the number of columns to 2 and the spacing between the fields to what you prefer in the Option List. This will create the look that you want!

The same principle applies to the new Dividers Form Control that lets you add solid, dashed or dotted line separators to your form. In the above example, you may want a separator line after your first and last name fields. Add a new Form Control and make the Form Control Type ‘Divider’. Move the newly added form to under the Last Name field in your Form Controls list. Next, use the Options List to choose the Style of line that you want (solid, dashed or dotted) and the color and thickness.

EverWeb’s Contact Form Advanced widget makes building the form that you want easy, flexible and fully featured. In future posts, we will be looking at how you can build some of the form types that we described above so stay tuned for some Contact Form Enhanced tutorials and videos coming soon!

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