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EverWeb 1.5 Released; Image Gallery Improvements & more…

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

EverWeb 1.5, our powerful drag and drop iWeb replacement is now available for download. EverWeb 1.5 focuses on improving the Image Gallery and improving the overall stability of the software.

This new version of EverWeb includes Publishing improvements for slightly faster publishing and to remove files from your local published website folder.

It also focuses on fixing some issues with certain widgets and iOS devices, importing images, and the contact form.

About EverWeb
EverWeb is a fully featured yet extremely easy to use web site builder of OS X. Without writing any code, users can create beautiful and professional websites. EverWeb includes modern features like drop down menus, mobile websites, mouse over effects, built in search engine optimization features and much more.

EverWeb can be downloaded and tested free of charge.

Let us know what you think of this release, or come over to the discussion forum and meet other EverWeb users.

Full Release Notes

[NEW] Image Gallery setting to set the size of images (small, medium, large or no change)
[NEW] Publish Entire Site will now remove all unused pages, assets and directories for a fresh upload. (note: this will not remove any files from the server, it just won\’t publish unused items anymore)
[NEW] Optimized creating new websites and adding new pages so the templates window is more responsive
[NEW] Inspector is automatically hidden when in publishing settings
[NEW] Optimizations for publishing sites with large image galleries
[CHG] Previewing goes back to using online version of jQuery instead of using local version to help improve publishing speeds
[FIX] Pages no longer marked as changed just by clicking in the design area
[FIX] Fixed an issue with converting curly quotes
[FIX] Fixed a rare issue where images would not publish properly if project file was in a directory containg a \’ or \”
[FIX] Image dragging widget now works when there is no pagination
[FIX] Contact form will now work no matter what your publish settings are set to
[FIX] RSS Widget links now work on iOS devices
[FIX] Duplicate and Delete page commands in menu bar now work properly with Master Pages
[FIX] Changing the name of a directory properly publishes the child pages
[FIX] Deleting all passwords from a directory will properly remove password protection
[FIX] Fixed an issue with mobile websites not loading properly if they weren\’t explicitly set to a page on your site
[FIX] Fixed some crashes with the undo function
[FIX] Fixed a crash when right clicking on the site name
[FIX] Fixed issues with drag and dropping assets onto EverWeb
[FIX] Internal CSS files are only published if their content has actually changed
[FIX] Fixed issue with re-opening a website that was in fullscreen mode when quitting
[FIX] Fixed issues with exporting the image gallery. Sometimes they wouldn\’t export with the correct number of columns
[FIX] Fixed an issue where images copied and pasted or dropped from another source may appear darker in EverWeb

EverWeb 1.4 Released; Captions for Image Galleries

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

EverWeb 1.4 is here with one of the most requested features, Image Gallery Captions. The Image Gallery got a lot of attention with this release adding the ability to limit the number of images per page, remove the social media buttons, center the image gallery and much more.

We focused our attention on making a very powerful, feature rich Image Gallery for this release. From photographers, to artists to just showing off family fun, EverWeb now includes one of the most powerful and highly customizable image galleries. In addition to the new settings and features, users still have the option of adding cool image frames (from under the Shape Settings tab in the Inspector) to add some extra flair to their photo collections.

For users looking to add a Gallery of Image Galleries, we have a cool and unique video to show you how you can easily set up your Photo Album Galleries in EverWeb.

EverWeb 1.4 also includes improvements to the navigation menu, HTML Snippets widget, Image Slider and so much more!

TIP: You can change the font styling and alignment for your image captions using the ‘Fonts’ button in the Toolbar.

Download EverWeb 1.4 now, or use the ‘Check for Update’ feature from under the EverWeb menu and get started with it today.

Let us know what you like about this update, and what you want to see for future updates. Join the discussion on the EverWeb Discussion Forums.

Come see EverWeb & RAGE Software at Macworld 2014

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

We’re very excited once again to be exhibiting at Macworld 2014.

This year we have a lot to demo including EverWeb, our all new website builder for OS X. We’ll be showing off some new features and discussing what we’ll be working on over the next few months.

We’ll be set up in the Appalooza section under EverWeb. If you will be attending, we’d love to hear from you.

Macworld takes place in the Moscone Center in San Francisco from March 27th – 29th.

Looking forward to another great Macworld show!

EverWeb 1.1 Adds Grouping and Locking of Objects

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

We’re pleased to announce an update to EverWeb (formerly known as EasyWeb), our easy to use, drag and drop website builder.

The major features in EverWeb 1.1 are grouping and locking objects which makes website design a lot easier. Objects can be locked in place so they can’t be moved or resized. They can also be grouped with other objects so all objects move around together when dragged.

EverWeb 1.1 also comes with a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

Come join us on the EverWeb Discussion Forum and let us know what you think. We’d love to get your feedback!

About EverWeb

EverWeb provides everything you need to create professional websites. Whether you want to start from one of the built in themes or start from scratch, EverWeb has the tools you need to create modern websites.

With a similar interface to Apple’s iWeb, EverWeb makes it easy for iWeb users to transition over.

You can download EverWeb for free to try it out.

Your iWeb Replacement is Here, Get EverWeb Now!

Monday, November 11th, 2013

When Apple stopped updating iWeb we immediately started working on a replacement. For the users that have used iWeb, we know that there is currently no suitable replacement that is as easy to use. That is, until now!

We took iWeb’s ease of use and design freedom and turned it into a more powerful, modern website builder called EverWeb.

EverWeb has the same familiar iWeb interface but with more features which includes;

  1. Image slideshows
  2. Mobile websites
  3. Drop down navigation menus
  4. Built in Search Engine Optimization features
  5. HTML5 Video/Audio
  6. Optimized websites for faster loading
  7. Mouse over and mouse down effects
  8. Social media integration including Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Download EverWeb

Now’s the time to move your iWeb site over to EverWeb and take advantage of all the new, modern website features.

EverWeb is free to try and comes in two versions. A standalone version that lets you publish to any web host and a One-click publishing solution that includes web hosting and email addresses.

Download EverWeb

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Come See What We Are Unveiling at Macworld 2013!

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

You’ve asked for it, we’re going to deliver it.

The iWeb replacement you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! We’re going to be unveiling our all new drag and drop web building tool, EasyWeb, at Macworld next week.

That’s right, the rumours have been circulating for some time and now it’s officially confirmed; An iWeb replacement is on its way!

Join the Facebook discussion and come meet us at Macworld. We’ll be in the Appalooza section. Today we’re asking what are the most important features that you need to build a great website.

We have a limited number of free Macworld passes to give away, so comment below if you need and we will get in touch.

Facebook Contest – Win Our SEO Bundle

Monday, November 12th, 2012

We are currently running a contest on our Facebook page. We are asking our users to post a comment about what they like best about our software. One lucky commenter will receive our SEO Bundle, a $299.95 value, absolutely free.

If you have yet to Like us on Facebook, do so now, and tell us your story! Entries must be submitted by Friday Novemeber 16.

Sitemap Automator 2.6 Adds Retina Support; OS X 10.8 Support

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Sitemap Automator has been updated to version 2.6. This update adds support for Retina Macs, improved support for OS X Mountain Lion and improves website scanning.

Sitemap Automator creates XML Sitemaps for your website which helps search engines properly scan and index your website. With XML Sitemaps you can also get back important information such as why search engines aren’t indexing your website, who is linking to your website, the top search queries used to find your site and much more.

This update is free for registered users or $29.95 USD for new users. A free download is available on the download page.

Updates to iWeb SEO Tool and WebCrusher

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

We have released minor updates to both iWeb SEO Tool and WebCrusher. If you publish to an FTP server these updates will fix the dropped connections errors that seem to happen randomly for some users.

Optimize your website so it loads as fast as possible for your visitors. WebCrusher removes unneeded code, re-arranges your code for faster parsing and reduces the size of image files with one-click.

iWeb SEO Tool
iWeb SEO Tool helps you quickly and easily optimize an iWeb website for search engines by adding title tags, meta tags and alternative image text. It also lets you add favicons (the small icons in your web browser’s path bar when visiting a website) and Google Analytics.

Transferring To RAGE Web Hosting – Obtaining EPP Code, Authorization Code and Updating Name Servers

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Transferring your domain to RAGE Web Hosting will allow you to manage your domain(s) and hosting under one roof. This video will explain how to transfer a domain, and eventually point the domain to RAGE Web Hosting so that you can have your site hosted with RAGE in just a matter of minutes.

Video Transcript:

When you transfer your website to RAGE Web Hosting, not only will you get a reliable host, but you will also receive an all in one place for your domains, hosting, software, and SEO needs.

If you already have a domain it is very easy to transfer your domain to RAGE Web Hosting. The process will take less than 5 minutes.

The first thing you’ll want to do is e-mail your current domain registrar and tell them to unlock the domain, and send you the EPP or Authorization Code. Most registrars will let you do this on your own, but if you don’t want to do it on your own, you can just send them an e-mail.

In this demonstration, I’m going to show you how to obtain the Authorization Code from your GoDaddy account. The process should be fairly similar with other registrars, but note that some will refer to the code as an EPP code, while others may refer to it as an Authorization Code.

So to do this in GoDaddy, you will first need to open the Domain Manager by clicking on My Products under the My Account tab. Then click on Domain Manager which is located on the left hand side of the window under My Products.

When the Domain Manager opens up, click on the domain that you wish to transfer.

Under the heading Domain Information, there are two things we will need to do. You will see that Authorization Code that I mentioned earlier, with a Send By Email link right beside. Click on the link and have the email sent you.

The next thing is to unlock the domain which will allow us to transfer it. As you can see, this domain is currently locked. To change this, press the Manage button, and uncheck the box to unlock the domain.

Once you have received that code, you can go to the RAGE Web Hosting page, which is located at or by selecting Hosting in the navigation menu on

The next thing you’ll do is press the Sign Up Now button.

On the first page of the shopping cart, you will need to select the second option which reads “I want to transfer my domain to RAGE Web Hosting.” Then type in your domain.

This is a really important step if you are transferring your domain. If you keep it on the default option which is for registering a new domain name, then you will be told that the domain is already registered, which would be true, because it is currently registered by you.

On the next page, you can choose your Billing Cycle, and any add-ons that you might want.

On the next page, here is where you will enter the EPP or Authorization code that you received from your registrar.

When you are finished with the signup process, you will receive an e-mail within a few hours. Included in this e-mail will be your FTP login details to publish your site, as well as the Nameservers that you will need to update your website.

You will then be able to go back to your registrar and update your nameservers . In the same section where I got the Authorization Code and unlocked the domain, there is a link that says Set Nameservers. You can click on this link and update the information to include the Nameservers that you recieved in your e-mail from RAGE Web Hosting.

When you are done, you will receive an e-mail within the next few days, telling you to approve the transfer.  Approve the transfer, and you’re all set.