iWeb SEO Tool 1.5.1 Released with Fixes for Google Analytics

August 17th, 2009

We have posted a minor update for iWeb SEO Tool. It fixes an error message that would appear when applying tags to your iWeb site if you have never used the application folder.

If you were getting error messages about applying your analytics code, this update will fix those problems.

It will also fix a problem with the description and keyword fields not properly wrapping text so the text would go beyond the widths of the fields.

This update is of course free. Updating will not erase any previous data you have entered into iWeb SEO Tool.

One Response to “iWeb SEO Tool 1.5.1 Released with Fixes for Google Analytics”

  1. Rich Says:


    Great piece of software thanks! One important bug – changes to titles etc in SEO Tool render the comment tool provided by iweb inoperative. Can you advise/fix please? ta!

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