Social Networking: A look at facebook and myspace for your business website

August 15th, 2009

Both and are the two largest social networking websites in the world. A social networking website is a website that connects friends and family together using common interests groups. For years, has been used my amateur and professional musicians, artists and movie stars to promote themselves and there work. Comedians such as Dane Cook have been rumored to owe their career to the popularity they received from utilizing

Both of these websites provide ample opportunities for promotion including posting your sample products, for example if you compose music, creating common interests groups, as well as cheap and targeted advertising., a Canadian based online textbook exchange service used to advertise specifically to Canadian University students only. This lowered costs by only advertising to their target market and not paying to advertise to people who would never use the service such as students who have graduated years ago.

Facebook also lets you create company pages just like you can create a personal page for yourself. Your friends and customers can become fans of your company page and any updates you post to your wall will appear in their news feed.

You can use this feature to post about new products, special discount codes for your members only, or to simply engage with your customers on a more personal level.

When you create a company page, facebook lets you easily add a Facebook Connect widget to your website just like the one on the right and side of this blog. They provide all the code you need so you can easily advertise your company’s facebook page to your visitors and get them to join.

You can explorer the hundreds of facebooks apps you can add to your company page including automatic blog updates, twitter updates and even discussion boards.

Facebook and MySpace also provides an online market place and classifieds system which you can use to advertise your products for sale to thousands of online users.

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