Social Networking: Using Twitter for Quick Company Updates

August 30th, 2009 is known as a micro-blogging website. A micro-blogging website is a website that lets you leave short posts, just a sentence or two, about what you are currently doing. You don’t even need to be next to a computer because you can post what you’re doing right from a cell phone.

With twitter you can set up a profile with you micro-blog and find other users to “follow”. Following a user lets you keep up to date with what they are doing at all times. Yes, that does sound a little scary, but users from all over the world have quickly embraced twitter even though it has only been online for a relatively short amount of time.

You can use twitter to quickly post what your company is currently doing. For example if you release a new product today or want to show off a new Website design. The trick to using twitter is to find users who have similar interests and start following their blog. As you build up the list of people who you follow and post interesting subjects, other users will begin to follow you as well.

You should also consider getting your existing website visitors following you on twitter by posting a link to your twitter account on your website.

Many services allow you to easily publish a quick summary of your latest blog posts to your twitter account. Other apps for iPhones or blackberrys let you easily “tweet” about what is currently happening with you.

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