iWeb SEO Tool Video Tutorials Posted

August 14th, 2009

With thanks to AppTorial Software Tutorials, we now have two new video tutorials for iWeb SEO Tool.

The first video explains step by step how to add Google analytics, title tags, meta tags and more to an iWeb website.

The second video tutorial explains what needs to be done each time you update your iweb website and need to re-apply your saved tags with iWeb SEO Tool.

2 Responses to “iWeb SEO Tool Video Tutorials Posted”

  1. Ricie Says:

    Hi, I rletncey tried to add the google analytics code through my old version of iweb seo tool. I added the code as a custom meta tag however when I applied the changes and went to view my website in my browser, I could actually see the code as black text at the top of my web pages. So I deleted all my custom tags and republished my site through iWeb 09. That removed the text that was appearing however then I had to re-apply my original title tags and keywords in my seo tool however it kept adding the custom tag that I had deleted to my site pages.I then downloaded the updated iWeb seo tool with the analytics code function and I had exactly the same problem, again It seems as if the Custom Meta Tags, although I have deleted them are still there somewhere… How do I get rid of them?So, now I have no title tags or keywords on my site and I really need to get them back. Has anyone had this problem and how can I fix this. All I want to do is get my title tags and meta tags back the way it was…. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  2. Jeremy Says:

    This is not the correct way to add Google Analytics. The correct way is by adding it to the header code section of the Site Settings tab.

    All you need to do is delete those custom meta tags, add the code where it belongs, and then republish.

    You may have just republished incorrectly.

    What is your site’s URL?

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