Google Working on Next Generation Search Engine

August 12th, 2009

Google is working on their next generation search engine algorithm, known as the “Caffeine update”, and is giving everyone the opportunity to test it out.

Although you won’t see any interface changes, the new infrastructure attempts to offer faster indexing of websites, a larger search database and better search results. You can see where your website is ranking in the new index by going to their temporary search page.

Right now Google is looking for feedback about the results you get for your search term. You can submit feedback by doing a search then scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the dissatisfied with search results link.

Although Google claims that the update is not because of any new search engine rivals, such as Microsoft’s new Bing engine, some may find many reasons to doubt that.

With the release of Bing, Microsoft is putting the pressure on Google to continually update their products and services. Maybe now with a suitable competitor, Google may need to cut their beta periods on new products by a couple of years and start introducing new features at a faster pace.

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