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EverWeb Highlights: September 2015

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

September is usually the month where many people return to work after the holidays. Schools also restart and you’ll see EverWeb’s presence there too! Check out the section ‘EverWeb in Education’ below or our FaceBook page…

Also in the news, MacWorld has chosen EverWeb as the ‘Top Choice for Everyone’ in it’s Website builder review. This, and more, to enjoy in this month’s Highlights post below…


In the News

EverWeb garnered great reviews from MacWorld this month, gaining the accolade “Top Choice for Everyone”. Checkout the review at

or take a look over on our FaceBook page.


EverWeb in Education

Still on EverWeb’s Facebook page, you can see how EverWeb is being used by educational institutes.

“EverWeb is being taught in middle schools, high schools, and universities all over the globe! This includes educational institutions such as Butler, and Carson-Newman Universities, as well as Lyceum of Finance and Law in Kiev who sent in this very nice ‘Thank You’ photo.” which you can see at…

And don’t forget that if you are interested in teaching EverWeb in your school, please get in touch with us and we will let you know how to obtain a free license for educational institutions.


Product News

EverWeb 1.9 beta testing continued in September. Thanks for your feedback on the beta test version, which as always, is invaluable in helping us make the best product we can!


RAGE Support and Admin Site Updated

At the end of the month, RAGE Software’s site was updated with a new look and feel that should make account and domain hosting administration easier and simpler than ever. The Discussion Forums have also been updated with the same look and feel.


Blogs You May Have Missed

You can catch up with our Blog’s that contain useful information, how to’s and advanced tutorials at

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EverWeb Tutorials

Checkout our YouTube channel for many great video tutorials that explain how to get the best our of EverWeb’s new and existing features. There are also tutorials in the Resources section of the EverWeb website to explore.


EverWeb on Flipboard and Google+

Our Flipboard magazine has been updated to include all the latest news and blogs on EverWeb… and don’t forget we are also on Google+ so remember to add RAGE Software to your Google+ Circles to keep up to date.


More to Explore…

There’s a lot of information on EverWeb on the Internet. To keep up with the latest news, features, tutorials, blogs and developments find us on





Or leave a comment below if you have any questions or want to know more…


Google Translate Gets Some Cool New Features

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Google translate has been updated with some very cool new features. These new features include;

1. Instant Translation of Text
You no longer need to press the translate button. Google translate will now translate your text on the fly as you type.

2. Read and write in an langauge
Google translate can now teach you how to pronounce words by converting non-roman characters to english sounding words. In addition, you can even type words as they sound in English and Google can convert them to proper words in languages such as Arabic, Persian or Hindi.

3. Text to speech
Lastly with Google Translate you can now hear translations spoken to you.

All these new features to Google translate are definitely worth checking out.

Google Working on Next Generation Search Engine

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Google is working on their next generation search engine algorithm, known as the “Caffeine update”, and is giving everyone the opportunity to test it out.

Although you won’t see any interface changes, the new infrastructure attempts to offer faster indexing of websites, a larger search database and better search results. You can see where your website is ranking in the new index by going to their temporary search page.

Right now Google is looking for feedback about the results you get for your search term. You can submit feedback by doing a search then scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the dissatisfied with search results link.

Although Google claims that the update is not because of any new search engine rivals, such as Microsoft’s new Bing engine, some may find many reasons to doubt that.

With the release of Bing, Microsoft is putting the pressure on Google to continually update their products and services. Maybe now with a suitable competitor, Google may need to cut their beta periods on new products by a couple of years and start introducing new features at a faster pace.

Mac360 Gives Domainer The Thumbs Up!

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Mac360 praises Domainer’s ability to track and manage your domain names and web sites.

Here is what Mac360 had to say about Domainer;

Managing domains and sites requires a special effort. Domainer is the tool that makes it easy, fun, timely, and efficient.

In typical Mac utility fashion, Domainer makes the complex simple to manage. Domain names can be entered into Domainer and tracked via creation date and expiration date.

Thanks Mac360 for the great software review!

About Mac360
Mac360 is a great resource to get high quality software reviews, updates on what’s going on in the Mac community and talk Mac on the Mac360 discussion forums.

RAGE Domainer Review On MacCastReview

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

RAGE Domainer was reviewed on episode #130 on

“[Domainer], aimed at webmasters, provides a great way to see information about all of your domains all from within one interface. The UI is intuitive and extremely easy to use … The app shows various page ranking statistics as well as some basic stats about incoming links. This makes it useful if you want to quickly check performance of multiple domains.”

Check out for more great software reviews, software discounts and the latest in Mac news.