Anatomy of a Search Result Part 1: Your Title Tag

October 12th, 2010

You’re walking in a shopping mall, among the hundreds of stores competing for your attention, one catches your eye.

Have you ever walked by a store and been so intrigued you had to go in? What if you could do the same thing with your website?

When someone does a search in Google for a keyword related to your site they are presented by hundreds of thousands of choices. Even on the front page they have 10 results to choose from. How can you make sure they click your site even if you may not be right at the top?

Your website title tag is the very first thing your visitor will see. That is why it is so important to make sure you have the perfect title tag for each of your pages. A title tag that both attracts web searches but also has your keywords for the best search engine rankings is extremely important. This video will explain in detail what a title tag is and how it is used.

Once you know why you need the title tag, you can learn how to create the perfect title tag that not only gets people clicking to your site, but also includes the keywords your customers are searching for you. Check out our walk through SEO video tutorials to learn how to improve your website’s title tags.

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