EverWeb 1.9 Released: Enhanced HTML5 Publishing Engine

October 22nd, 2015

The speed of your website is extremely important. It not just improves your visitor’s experience, but it also helps ensure higher search engine rankings.

Super Faster Websites With EverWeb 1.9

Over the last few months we worked on a new feature of EverWeb that combines all common assets uses on Master Pages into one directory. This means that your media files and styling information are only exported once resulting in;

  1. Faster website publishing and uploading
  2. Smaller websites
  3. Faster loading websites due to browser caching. This means that for every subsequent visit to your website, they will load faster for your visitors. Also, each page visited by your customers will load faster

Plus we added a few more tricks to get your websites loading much faster;

  1. Better support for retina displays using new HTML5 tags. This means modern browsers such as the latest versions of Safari, Chrome (for desktop and iOS) and Firefox, as well as many other browsers, will load your websites much faster and use less bandwidth.
  2. Faster mobile redirects using optimized code that gets executed as the first instructions to your browsers so mobile pages gets redirected much faster than before. Plus we follow every one of Google’s recommendations for properly optimized mobile pages, without any additional work on your part!

EverWeb 1.9 also has these highlighted new features which we will discuss in more details in future blog posts. We also made a video tutorial outlining the new features for you.

We went even further with EverWeb 1.9 with some highly requested features and enhancements;

  1. A new popup window option under the hyperlink tab so you can link to a page that pops up over the current page
  2. A new presentation mode (Window menu->Presentation mode) to maximize the space given to the design canvas. This feature hides the web page list, toolbar and Inspector so smaller screens can see their entire website design
  3. The ‘open in new window’ option under the hyperlinks tab now works for the link to ‘one of my pages’ and ‘to a file’ option. Now you can open PDF documents for example in a new window without any additional code or widgets

Easily Update To EverWeb 1.9

We’ve got a lot more packed into EverWeb 1.9. You can easily update by;

  1. Launching EverWeb and going to the EverWeb menu at the top of your screen and selected ‘Check for Update’
  2. Downloading EverWeb from the EverWeb website.

Remember, you won’t lose any previous data when updating since your website project files are stored elsewhere on your computer.

Do You Like EverWeb 1.9?

Tell us what you think, head over to our growing discussion forum and lets talk about the new features in EverWeb 1.9!

Helping Each Other

Oh and one more thing, we’re really obsessed with offering the best support! One big issue we found is that sometimes we need your website project files which can be BIG. So we built in a way to quickly share your project file with us. Simply click the little arrows in the projects window and select the ‘Send to RAGE Software Support’. Your project file will be automatically sent to us, no more using dropbox or other file transfer service.

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