10 EverWeb Blogging Tips You Should Know About!

February 23rd, 2017
10 EverWeb Blogging Tips

There are lots of useful shortcuts and tricks that will make your blog look more eye catching!

There are lots of good to know about hints and tips in EverWeb’s blogging feature. Save time and give your blog that extra bit of style! Here’s our list…

  1. Duplicating a blog post. Easily make a copy of an existing post by right clicking on the post you want to duplicate in the Blog Posts List. From the submenu select ‘Duplicate’. The duplicate is named in the same way as when you duplicate regular pages directories in EverWeb
  2. Creating a left hand margin for your post. If you have made the Blog Posts Preview Widget full width, you may find your blog text is bumping up against the edge of the window. Adding a left margin is the ideal solution to this problem. First, select the widget in the Blog Post Preview Window. Next go to the Text Inspector and set the Insert Margin option. This will set the left margin for everything inside the widget.
  3. You can hyperlink your blog main page, the blog archive page and any blog post in the same way as you would elsewhere in EverWeb using the Hyperlinks Inspector.
  4. Adding a blog to the Navigation Menu widget. Just select the blog main page in the Web Page List then tick ‘Include page in Navigation Menu’ in the Page Settings of the Inspector Tab.
  5. Adding the blog archive page to the Navigation Menu widget. Adding the Archive page to the Navigation Menu widget can only be done under the following conditions:
    1. The blog main page is included in the Navigation Menu widget and
    2. The blog page is not in a directory. If these two conditions are met, select the archive page in the Web Page List and tick ‘Include page in Navigation Menu’ in the Page Settings of the Inspector Tab.
  6. Adding an indent or outdent to your post. If you want to indent text, first select the text you want in the Blog Post Editor Window. Next press Cmd+] and your text will indent. Press Cmd+[ to outdent.
  7. Reordering your blog posts by date or by title. Click on either the ‘Title’ or ‘Date’ field name in title bar of the Blog Post List. This will toggle the blog post list in ascending or descending order.
  8. Using vertical splitters. You may know already that you can drag the blog post list, editor window and preview windows up and down using the horizontal splitters between each section. EverWeb’s blogging feature also has vertical splitters in the Title bar of the Blog Post List. This is useful to know for when you want to show more or less of the title in the list, if you want to hide the date or the red/green published radio buttons from view. Just drag the splitter between each section to the left or right as needed!
  9. Change the color of the Navigation Links separator bar. When you display the Navigation Links, you can change the color of the post title using the Post Links options. If you want to change the horizontal separator bar between each post title, first select the posts page and click on the widget in the Blog Posts Preview Window. Next, click on the Navigation Links ‘Fonts’ button. The Fonts Panel will appear. Click on the Text Color button and change the color. This will change the separator bar color.
  10. Centering titles and dates. EverWeb aligns the blog post title and date on the left hand side of the widget. If you want to have the date and title centered instead, start by selecting the ‘posts’ page in the Web Page List. Select the Page Settings tab then scroll down to the ‘Header/Footer Code’ section. Add the following code in to the ‘Head Code’ box

    h2.blogposttitle, p.blogpostdate {

    Your blog post titles and dates will now be centered. Don’t worry if you see some formatting such as ‘code’ in the blog post preview window. This will be hidden when you preview or publish you blog.


If you have a blogging hint or tip you want to share, be sure to let us know below!



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  1. Claudia Prada Says:

    Hello I am interested in buying your product. I have a website that I made in iweb (not launched at the moment) I would like to upload it with your software if possible and update it.

    I have a similar site I made http://www.sayitinespanol.com but the one I want to revive again has many blog entries.

    Could you help me? or shall I get it up with Godaddy first.

    Thank you.


  2. Simon Says:

    Hi Claudia

    It’s very easy to convert your iWeb blog over to EverWeb as there is an import button designed especially for this purpose. If you want we also offer an iWeb to EverWeb conversion service that will convert your whole iWeb website to EverWeb.

    You can also host directly with us, or you can use your current hosting provider. That’s no problem either.

    EverWeb work in a very similar way to iWeb but has been updated with lots of great new features and we have integrated these features in such as way to retain the ease of use that you are used to in iWeb.

    Please let us know if you have any questions, we’re here to help!

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