EverWeb 3.5: Apple Silicon Ready, Website Search, Blog Post Summaries and More!

July 10th, 2021

We’re excited to introduce EverWeb 3.5 which is all about Website Search! Two great new widgets give you fully customizable website search options and three ways of displaying the search results. That’s not all though as we have added reverse wrap to the Responsive Row widget, Short Summaries and keywords to blog posts for better SEO and Open Graph tags have been added to the SEO PowerUp addon for better social media interaction.

Last, but not least, EverWeb 3.5 has been developed as a macOS Universal Binary, so will run natively on Apple Silicon Macs without the need to use Rosetta 2 as well as running on Intel Macs as always!

All this and more in EverWeb 3.5! Check out EverWeb’s new features in the video at the top of the page and below for a complete list of its new and enhanced features as well as the usual fix list.

Which Version of EverWeb is For You?

EverWeb is available in the following versions:

  • If you are running an Intel Mac running OS X 10.10, macOS Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina or Big Sur, EverWeb version 3.5 is available for you.
  • If you are running an Apple Silicon Mac running macOS Big Sur, EverWeb version 3.5 is available for you as a Universal Binary. EverWeb will run natively without the need to use Rosetta 2.
  • If you are running OS X 10.7 – 10.9 (Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks) EverWeb version 3.1 is available for you.
  • If you are running OS X 10.6 EverWeb version 2.5.2 is available for you.

When updating to the latest version of EverWeb, the update process will automatically download the correct version of EverWeb for your operating system.

EverWeb 3.5 Includes…

  • [NEW] EverWeb 3.5 can be run on Apple Silicon Macs as a Universal Binary using macOS 11 Big Sur.
  • [NEW] Search Website feature allows your visitors to search your website’s pages.
  • [NEW] Website search results can be displayed in a dropdown list, a popup window or on a dedicated page.
  • [NEW] Search Field widget allows you to set up a search bar and search results.
  • [NEW] Search Results widget allows you to display results in one of the pages in your website.
  • [NEW] Site Search section in the Page Settings tab of the Inspector window allows you to include or exclude the page in website searches.
  • [NEW] The Responsive Row widget now includes a Reverse Wrap option.
  • [NEW] You can now duplicate Form Controls in the Contact Form Advanced widget.
  • [NEW] YouTube widget now includes a mute sound option.
  • [NEW] Open Graph Tags are automatically included when you publish your site.
  • [NEW] Short Summaries for blog posts allow you to enter descriptive summaries about your posts.
  • [NEW] You can enter Keywords in your blog posts.
  • [NEW] The Blog Post Editor Toolbar now includes options for ordered lists to be either Default, Lower Alpha, Lower Greek, Lower Roman, Upper Alpha or Upper Roman.
  • [NEW] You can add Hex codes for colors in the Blog Post Editor Toolbar’s Color Picker.
  • [NEW] The Blog Post Editor Toolbar now includes options for unordered lists to be either Default, Circle, Disc or Square.
  • [NEW] A ‘Duplicate’ button has been added to the Contact Form Advanced widget’s Form Controls section.
  • [NEW] A ‘Test SMTP Details’ button has been added to the Contact Form Advanced widget.
  • [NEW] Option to only use local Jquery and not try to connect to Google servers has been added to Site Publishing Settings.
  • [IMPROVED] If you add or remove pages that are included in Navigation Menu widget only the pages with the Navigation Menu widget will have to be republished.
  • [IMPROVED] Improvements to loading HTML previews in HTML viewers for widgets that use plugins.
  • [IMPROVED] RSS Feed widget improvements for when images can’t be found in a feed. The widget will still properly preview.
  • [IMPROVED] Improved language localizations.
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue with shapes that use picture frames not exporting properly.
  • [FIX] Arrange-> Align-> Left and Arrange-> Align-> Bottom now work correctly.
  • [FIX] Shapes using Picture Frames could not have a colored background but now can.
  • [FIX] In the Assets List, secondary clicking on multiple assets and selecting ‘Add to Folder…’ would incorrectly add an external file to the images section of the Assets List if an external file was selected while some image files were also selected.
  • [FIX] Select color button now copies colors properly with the right click->Copy function.
  • [FIX] Assets that are used in blog posts can now be found properly.
  • [FIX] Render error icon for widgets when they cannot be generated due to compilation errors.
  • [FIX] Fix for exception on mouseover in Navigation Menu widget.
  • [FIX] Shadows now work for widgets and when exporting responsive css.

How To Update To EverWeb 3.5

You can easily update EverWeb by either:

  1. Launching EverWeb then going to the EverWeb menu at the top of the screen and selecting ‘Check for Update’ or by
  2. Downloading EverWeb from the EverWeb website.

After downloading EverWeb, double click on the EVERWEB.DMG file. A window will open. Drag the EverWeb icon on to the Applications folder icon. Once the file has been copied, you can close the installation window, delete the .DMG file and eject the EverWeb disk on the desktop by dragging it to the Trashcan.

Remember, you won’t lose any previous data when updating as your website project files are stored elsewhere on your computer.

The update is free for EverWeb + Hosting users and EverWeb Standalone users who are within their 1 year of free upgrades and support period.

You can easily check your EverWeb Standalone free update period from EverWeb’s Preferences window or from your client area.

If you have passed your one year of free EverWeb updates, you can purchase 1 more year of upgrades and support from your client area.

You can easily re-download earlier versions of EverWeb from your client area if you are not ready to purchase an additional year of updates and support.

Login to your client area and go to the ‘Manage Product’ page. On the left of this page, select ‘Downloads’ and choose the version of EverWeb that you need.

More Information About EverWeb

For more information about the new version of EverWeb, please check out the following resources:

  • The EverWeb website which has up to the moment information in it’s new blogging section
  • New EverWeb videos on YouTube
  • The EverWeb User Manual in EverWeb’s Help-> User Manual menu
  • The EverWeb Discussion Forum

If you can’t find what you need, or have any other questions, comments or feedback please let us know. We’re happy to help.

EverWeb on Social Media

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