EverWeb 3.5’s New Blogging Features

August 26th, 2021

Our latest EverWeb release, version 3.5, is focused on its new website search feature. If you use EverWeb for your blog, the website search features are also there for you!

Website Search in Blogs

EverWeb uses full text search in its website search feature so this means that your blog and its posts will be automatically included in any website search. This means that you don’t have to do any configuration work at all for website search to work.

However, if you want to customize your blog for search and also help boost your website’s SEO at the same time, EverWeb allows you to do this as well.

EverWeb 3.5 introduces two new features to blooging: Blog Post Short Summary and Blog Post Keywords. Let’s start with a closer look at Short Summaries.

Why You Should Use Short Summaries

A Short Summary is just that – it is a brief description of the blog post. When you search the Internet for something, the list of search results that you see are in the form of a web page title that links to a web page followed by the first words of the linked page displayed below it.

You may find that the first words of a your blog post that are displayed in search results do not convey what the whole blog post is actually about. A Short Summary can be used to replace this default text with your own descriptive text summarising what your post is actually about. This description has the advantage in that you can it as a ‘hook’ to entice potential visitors to click on the associated link.

The Short Summary is also a good place to add SEO Keywords or phrases. If you are interested in finding out more, check out our SEO for EverWeb Video Course. If you just want to find out how to get the most SEO effective Keywords or phrases for your website, take a look at the course’s Keyword Research video.

Tips on Creating a Short Summary

When creating a Short Summary in EverWeb remember:

  1. Keep the Short Summary brief and to the point. You may want to do this by listing the key points of the blog, linking them together by simple, short sentences.
  2. Include your SEO Keywords in the Short Summary if it is appropriate to do so. As we always remind you, do not sacrifice a great blog post description just for the sake of adding SEO keywords. It is actually counterproductive to do so.
  3. Your Blog Post Title and Short Summary should clearly state to your potential visitor what the post is about. If the post title, or summary, does not reflect the actual content, visitors will probably not return to your site in future.
  4. The Blog Post Title should also use SEO or Search Keywords if it is appropriate to do so.
  5. The Short Summary will be displayed in the blog main and archive pages in place of the beginning text of the blog post. If you do not include a Short Summary, the beginning text of the post will be used instead.

Creating a Short Summary

Creating a Short Summary is easy:

  1. First click on the Posts Page in the Web Page List of your EverWeb Project file.
  2. Next click on the blog post that you want to add the Short Summary to.
  3. Click on the Settings Cog and select ‘Edit…’ from the dropdown menu.
  4. Enter the text that you want to use for the Short Summary in the Short Summary field,
  5. Click OK to finish.

Using Keywords In Your Blog Post

As well as adding Short Summaries to your blog posts, EverWeb also lets you explicitly add ‘Keywords’ to your blog posts that you want to be available for search.

Enter the Keywords that you want associated with your blog post using the same dialog box as you use for Short Summaries. When adding keywords to your blog post, follow the same rules that you would use when adding SEO Keywords to the other pages of your site. 

Click on the Add button then enter the keywords or phrases that you want to include. Press enter to finish.

To edit the Keywords just double click on the keywords in the list, then edit the words you want to change.

To delete any Keywords, click once on the Keywords in the list that you want to remove, then press the Backspace key on your keyboard. The Keywords will be deleted.

When you have finished using the dialog box, press OK. Publish your site to implement the Short Summaries and Keywords.

Ordered Lists

The final new feature in blogging in EverWeb 3.5 is a minor one with the addition of more Ordered List types in the Blog Post Editor Window’s Toolbar.

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