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Macintosh Explorer Feature Request

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#1 Guest_Maneesh Pangasa_*

Guest_Maneesh Pangasa_*
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Posted 26 March 2005 - 10:54 PM

To Paul Levine at Rage Software,

I am currently running Mac OS X Panther and heard the upcoming Apple OS update release codenamed Tiger will add Smart Folders to the Finder. This is a long time coming. I heard Mac OS 9 and below had Smart Folders but Mac OS X has been missing them since its release. Users wanting Smart Folders would have to buy a product like the one by your company named Smart Folders, or buy a Finder replacement like Cocoatech.com's Path Finder which is uneccessary with the availability of Macintosh Explorer.

I am using a 12' Apple PowerBook G4 laptop with small hard drive and was wondering why doesn't Rage just offer Smart Folders in Macintosh Explorer the way Apple is re-including them in the Finder via Mac OS 10.4 Tiger for users like me.

If you want you could continue offering your existing product Smart Folders to non Macintosh Explorer users but for those users of your file navigation and file management system which resembles Windows Explorer but is even better than Windows Explorer smart folders should be integrated with Macintosh Explorer and some level of integration should also be offered for Apple's .Mac services like iDisk in Macintosh Explorer too!

Currently. there is Mac.com integration with the Finder but none in Macintosh Explorer. Finally, I love what you have done to Macintosh Explorer with your Macintosh Explorer Aqua update.

I like using Macintosh Explorer. It makes my computing experience all the more enjoyable and efficient. With Mac OS X Panther's Expose: my most favourite Panther feature, the upcoming DashBoard and Spotlight which I have fallen in love with, and Unsanity.com's Fruit Menu haxie which re-enables customization of the ? MENU in Mac OS X, allowing me to use the ? MENU and DOCK MENUS as application launchers, and also offers customization of Mac OS X's contextual menus, Microsoft Office for Mac, and Unsanity's Shape Shifter which lets you play with Mac OS X themes (i.e. add new one's etc) like Mac OS XP which gives a Windows XP look and feel to the ? MENU and Mac OS X contextual menus, along with other themes which keep the Mac looking like a Mac but make slight modifications to Mac OS X I am enthusiastic with my overall Mac computing experience. Thanks for everything! Keep up the good work and keep my suggestions in consideration!

A Macintosh Explorer Fan,
Maneesh Pangasa

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Posted 27 March 2005 - 08:30 PM

Macintosh Explorer should be able to display your iDisk and let you browse through it if you have mounted it in the Finder. It is just like a regular volume, but may be a little slower since it is on a network.

As for the Smart Folders, you can create a Smart Folder and access it in Macintosh Explorer like you would any other Folder.

#3 maneeshpan


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Posted 28 March 2005 - 12:15 AM

Thanks for the response! By the way there was an error when I submitted an earlier post of mine. At one point I referred to how Macintosh Explorer, with Mac OS X Panther's Expos'e, the upcoming DashBoard in Tiger and Fruit Menu along with Microsoft Office for Mac have been helping me improve my productivity and make my Macintosh computing experience more efficient.

I referred to how Unsanity.com's Fruit Menu lets me customize the ? MENU and Mac OS X's contextual menus, in addition to being able to customize the DOCK MENU and Desktop in Mac OS X (a feature offered by Apple itself by default) but when referring to the ? MENU I accidentally wrote the ? MENU instead of the ? MENU. Just wanted to clear that up, and again emphasize how much I love Macintosh Explorer with Aqua flavor enabled.

#4 maneeshpan


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Posted 28 March 2005 - 12:17 AM

Whenever ? MENU appears in my earlier posts I am referring to the APPLE MENU. I have tried copying and pasting the APPLE MENU logo in my discussion threads but after submitting it appears as the ? MENU.

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