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#4283 Services

Posted by HK Newbie on 21 December 2009 - 08:22 AM in Macintosh Explorer

I hope you get an answer. I posted a question 11 days ago, lots of views but no replies. I hope you have more luck, there seem to be lots of people looking for answers but rather short on the answers.

It seems RAGE have lost interest in this product. A bit naughty when they still sell it as 'Windows Explorer on steroids'.

If you look back at the messages there was an Administrator who answered questions, but from the message dates he does not come here now.

#4254 Moving Multiple Files

Posted by HK Newbie on 10 December 2009 - 06:32 AM in Macintosh Explorer

First I like Mac Explorer as it is similar to Windows Explorer and worth paying for, the only problem I have is selecting multiple files.

The equivalent to ctrl-click in ME is command-click to select individual files. I found that quite quickly.

What I cannot find is the equivalent of dragging a box over a group of icons to select them all, or shift-click on the first file and shift-click on the last file to select a batch.

The answer to this question would make it a perfect switcher tool.