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#950 Weird Site Behaviour

Posted by Dominique on 30 October 2006 - 11:45 AM in Sitemap Automator

I checked your web site in my web browser and it did load but it was really slow. I tried it in RAGE Google Sitemap Automator, but it keeps returning an error 500, which means there is something wrong with your server software. I left a url below which explains what an error 500 is and what you can do about it. You should contact your hosting provider and let them know;


I have been rewriting code and such since Rage Automator is not the only problem out there giving 500-errors when accessing our site. After trying different programs and google's own sitemap tools I stumbled on this piece of Lasso code which makes sure that every time you run Rage (and others) you get a nice 500 Server Error ...

[var:'host'= (string_findregexp:(client_headers), -find='(.*)Accept-Language:(.*)', -ignorecase)->get:3]

What this actually does is get the language out of the headers of the page.
It works like a charm in a browser, but somehow fails when you try to analyze it with Sitemap creation programs...

#881 Weird Site Behaviour

Posted by Dominique on 04 October 2006 - 06:08 AM in Sitemap Automator

I was just about to tell you that it still won't load, but it did end up loading after about 1 minute.

Why don't you wait a day or two and then try again. Increase the time out in the Preferences if you still get errors after that.

Still no luck loading the Boxymusic site ...
Are there any log files I could check out?
We are working with lasso to link between database and html ... maybe that is the problem?

#761 Weird Site Behaviour

Posted by Dominique on 15 August 2006 - 02:31 AM in Sitemap Automator

Hi Dominique,

I just tried to visit your link in Safari. I am getting a connection error there to. Have you emailed your web host? Check to see what the problem is with them, it looks like their servers are down.

We have been wrestling our server for a few days getting DNS and Apache back up, so that could be the problem. I see that the DNS has updated, but I'm still unable to connect to the site through The Automator.

can you keep me posted if you still are unable to enter our site?



#757 Weird Site Behaviour

Posted by Dominique on 13 August 2006 - 06:49 AM in Sitemap Automator


We are testdriving RGSA on a few sites we have hosted internally here.
All looks ok, except for 1 site.


Somehow, we are unable to make a connection to the site through RGSA.
All the other sites we try work just fine.

Any ideas?