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#246 Macintosh Explorer Feature Request

Posted by maneeshpan on 28 March 2005 - 12:17 AM in Macintosh Explorer

Whenever ? MENU appears in my earlier posts I am referring to the APPLE MENU. I have tried copying and pasting the APPLE MENU logo in my discussion threads but after submitting it appears as the ? MENU.

#245 Macintosh Explorer Feature Request

Posted by maneeshpan on 28 March 2005 - 12:15 AM in Macintosh Explorer

Thanks for the response! By the way there was an error when I submitted an earlier post of mine. At one point I referred to how Macintosh Explorer, with Mac OS X Panther's Expos'e, the upcoming DashBoard in Tiger and Fruit Menu along with Microsoft Office for Mac have been helping me improve my productivity and make my Macintosh computing experience more efficient.

I referred to how Unsanity.com's Fruit Menu lets me customize the ? MENU and Mac OS X's contextual menus, in addition to being able to customize the DOCK MENU and Desktop in Mac OS X (a feature offered by Apple itself by default) but when referring to the ? MENU I accidentally wrote the ? MENU instead of the ? MENU. Just wanted to clear that up, and again emphasize how much I love Macintosh Explorer with Aqua flavor enabled.

#242 Macintosh Explorer Crashes

Posted by maneeshpan on 27 March 2005 - 08:18 PM in Macintosh Explorer

I am currently running the latest update of Macintosh Explorer 4.2.1 with Macintosh Explorer Aqua flavor enabled and the application crashed when I was burning a CD via the Finder. I had my open Macintosh Explorer browser window minimized and it crashed while I was burning the CD.

I have had similar crash issues before, while somewhat rare it is an annoyance.

Here is a crash report: