SEO For Sandvox: Page Names

August 4th, 2011

Check out the SEO For Sandvox Video Course to watch the entire course in a very easy-to-follow manner.

Video Transcript:It’s typical to see webmasters naming their page files with generic names such as ‘page1’ or ‘homepage’. Our goal is to utilize every option we have for incorporated our keywords into our website. Whenever you create a new page, make sure your file is given a keyword rich name.

If you already have pages with poor filenames but are actually successful with search engines, do not change the filename as this will ruin your ranking. Just be sure to apply this optimization tip in the future.

When we begin adding different pages for our sites in Sandvox, they will show up in our site outline with names such as Photo, Untitled 1, Untilted 2. These page names are a great place for us to include our keyterms. To change your page name, you can highlight the page in the site outline, and then in the URL field at the bottom of the application, type in your new page name. A few tips when creating this page name. Don’t make it excessively long. You can only make it a maximum of 27 characters in Sandvox, which should be good for about 4 or 5 words, which seems like a good amount. Separate your words with dashes, as opposed to spaces or underscores. And finally, use a keyterm that is relevant to the content on the actual page.

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