SEO For Sandvox: Site Menu

August 8th, 2011

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Video Transcript:

The site menu consists of all of these links, usually located at the top of each web page. The site menu is another good place for you to include some of your keyterms. So instead of having our menu links have text such as Home, Photos, or Links for example, we can make them more descriptive and include our keyterms in them.

To change the text of the site menu, you will need to change each page individually. Simply double click on the page name, and type in the term that you want to show in the site menu. You’ll be able to see the change take place immediately when you look at your site menu. Repeat this process for all of the pages included in your menu.

Some of the principles for the Page Names apply when you are naming the titles in your site menu. Do not make them too long. If you make the titles too long, it will not look very nice, and you risk having some of your page titles not fit in the menu. Try to use keyterms that are only one or two words in length.

Make sure that whatever you choose actually relates to the page it takes the user to, and that it is not a word that might confuse or mislead any of your visitors. Remember, in some cases, it might not be necessary to have a keyterm in the site menu. A link to a Contact Us page wouldn’t need to be any more descriptive than it already is, even though it’s a very generic term.

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