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Monitoring The Speed Of Your Website And Making It Faster With WebCrusher

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Hey WebCrusher Owners! Have you been keeping an eye on the speed of your website? Google finds the speed at which at website loads to be very important. As Google continues with its campaign to make the web faster, so should you. By ensuring your website is loading at an optimal speed, you can give your site an advantage over your competitors by loading quicking, and moving up in the search results.

Watch the following video tutorial to see how you can check on the speed of your website.

Video Transcript

One of Google’s latest search ranking criteria is the speed at which a website loads. You have already taken a step in the right direction by taking an interest in WebCrusher. I hope that you have used WebCrusher and continue to use it whenever need be.

For those of you who have a Google Webmaster Tools account, you can get a good idea of what your website’s current speed is. In your Dashboard, press the plus sign next to Labs and select Site Performance. Here you will see the speed performance of your website.

Google believes that anything that falls below 1 and a half seconds is considered to be fast. Anything slower than 1 and a half seconds is considered slow. See where you are, and make sure you run your website through WebCrusher for optimal speed.

Don’t forget to check out our SEO Video Courses which will walk you through the entire process of optimizing your website for the best possible search engine rankings.

If you are an iWeb user, be sure to check out the iWeb SEO Video Walkthrough Tutorial. If you use anything else to build your website, be sure to check out the SEO Video Course. RapidWeaver users can now purchase the SEO For RapidWeaver Video Tutorial as well.

WebCrusher 1.7 Helps With Your Google Rankings

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

WebCrusher 1.7 has just been released and brings a number of new features and enhancements. Firstly this update will optimize iWeb built sites much faster than before because it can intelligently determine which files are modified and which aren’t (since iWeb always updates all pages when you export a site, this is actually not an easy thing to do).

It also improves publishing speed when uploading to your FTP or MobileMe server. In addition it fixes problems with PNG files not being optimized which makes it a recommended update for all users. This update is free for all registered users.

Late last year Google announced that the speed of a website will play a factor in how it ranks in their search results. They have started an initiative to speed up the web and offer many tips and tricks for speeding up a website’s load time. Fortunately WebCrusher can do many of the recommended speed optimizations for you automatically.

If you have created your XML Sitemap file and submitted it Google Webmaster Tools, you will also see the new Page Speed tests Google has implemented for your site. You should login to your Google Webmaster Tools account and see how your website performs relative to other sites in your industry.

Now its not only important to have your website load quickly for your visitors, but it’s also important for your search engine rankings too.

Why Isn’t My Site in Search Engines? Google Webmaster Tools Will Tell You

Monday, January 4th, 2010

A question that often comes up is why a website is not yet in search engines, or if it has been added to search engines, why isn’t it showing up for the keywords I want it to. These questions can be answered by looking at the data provided by Google Webmaster Tools. By creating an XML Sitemap file and submitting it to Google Webmaster Tools, you can quickly and easily learn the answers to this questions.

This article over at SEO Chat walks you through these questions in Google Webmaster Tools and helps you answer these important SEO questions.

Some of the questions covered by the article include;

  • Why hasn’t Google indexed my website yet?
  • Does my site appear relevant to Google for my targeted terms or niche?
  • Why am I not getting clicks from Google?
  • Has my website been hacked?
  • Does my website load fast compared to other websites?

Pay special attention to the last question, how fast your website loads. This will become an important search engine ranking factor in early 2010. This has been confirmed by many sources already, that is why Google provides a site speed analysis test in their Google Webmaster Tools.

Of course, you can already be ahead of the game with WebCrusher, which will instantly speed up your website so it loads as fast as possible in all web browsers.

WebCrusher 1.6 Optimizes Your Websites Faster

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

We are happy to announce an all new update to WebCrusher, the most powerful website optimizer for Mac OS X.

WebCrusher 1.6 will now only optimize modified files since the last optimization making the entire optimization faster much faster than before. It also adds improved support for MobileMe servers, allowing for much faster publishing.

Version 1.6 also improves stability on Snow Leopard and is a free update for registered users.

Check out the all new update and make sure your visitors aren’t waiting too long for your website to load.

WebCrusher 1.5.2 Maintenance Update

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

We have posted an update to WebCrusher with some important fixes for all users. WebCrusher 1.5.2 improves CSS optimizations to help ensure there are no changes in your web page layout. It also fixes MobileMe publishing issues and problems when previewing certain pages after optimizations.

This update is free for registered users. You can download the update from the WebCrusher download page.

WebCrusher 1.5 Released: Faster Website Optimizations

Monday, February 16th, 2009

RAGE WebCrusher has just been updated to version 1.5. This all new update signficantly improves the speed of optimizing your website files. Now you can optimize your website files up to 10x times faster than before.

It also includes improvements to CSS optimizations and PHP optimizations. It is a free update for registered users of version 1.x.

WebCrusher, for those who have never tried it, is an intelligent website code and image optimizer for Mac OS X. It can significantly reduce the size of HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP and Javascript files without changing the appearance of your site. It can also reduce the size of image files making sure your website loads as fast as possible in any web browser.

Download WebCrusher website optimizer for Mac OS X and make sure your site loads as fast as possible for your visitors and customers!

A fast loading website is also essential for a top ranking website in Google and other search engines.

Is your website load time preventing Google from indexing your site?

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Nobody likes visiting a slow loading website. Websites that take a long time to load (more than 5 seconds) are losing out on potential visitors. Studies have shown that visitors will wait no more than 8 seconds on average for a page to load. But did you know that search engines won’t wait for pages to load either?

Google in particular does not like slow loading websites. In fact, if you are using adwords to promote your site, the speed of your website’s load time is used as a Quality Factor to help determine your cost-per-click and your ad position.

Even more important however, is that your website’s load time will effect how many of your pages Google will index. Take a look at the following graphs taken from Google Webmaster Tools. The bottom graph shows the time spent downloading a page while the middle graph shows the number of kilobytes downloaded per day and the top graph shows the number of pages crawled per day.

How slow loading websites affect Google bot

You can easily see that as the time spent downloading pages went up Google indexed LESS pages. There is a clear inverse relationship between download time and number of pages indexed.

How do you check your own site?

You can check this for your own site by creating an XML Sitemap file and checking the Crawl Stats in your Google Webmaster Tools account.

How do you fix this?

Fortunately there is a very easy way to fix this. You need to reduce the size of your website and you can easily do this with WebCrusher website optimizer. WebCrusher will instantly optimize your site by removing unneeded website code and compressing image files. Then it can automatically publish your site directly to your webserver whether your are using an actual web host or MobileMe/iDisk to host your site.

In just 5 minutes you can have a faster website, that loads as quickly as possible for your visitors and insures Google and other search engines can properly scan and index all of your webpage files.

You also want to make sure that you are using a fast web hosting service to host your site. If you are a MobileMe/iDisk user it may be time to change to a fast and reliable web hosting service.

RAGE Software Updates Search Engine Optimization Software Suite for Mac OS X at Macworld Expo 2009

Monday, January 5th, 2009

We are pleased to announce major updates to our search engine optimization software suite for Mac OS X. The updates include new versions of a number of our products including Sitemap Automator, WebCrusher and SERank.

Sitemap Automator
The only way to get your website recognized by all major search engines, Sitemap Automator 2.0 now lets you easily manage an unlimited number of websites. In addition, it can easily show you potential search engine crawling errors on your website, supports robot.txt files and offers improved support for iWeb built websites.

This 2.0 update is the first paid upgrade since the initial release back in 2005. If you purchased before May 1, 2008 you can purchase an update for just $19.95 USD. If you purchased after May 1, 2008 then you can get your free upgrade serial number from

Optimize your website so they load as fast as possible for your visitors. At the click of a button, WebCrusher can take any website and intelligently remove unneeded code and compress images making the website load as quickly as possible in any web browser. This free update to version 1.4 includes enhanced CSS optimizations and improved iWeb optimizations.

See exactly where your website ranks in over 60 search engines for your most popular keywords. Discover who ranks higher than you and how you can rise above them to get the number one spot on all major search engines. Version 1.9 adds enhanced reporting features, new exporting options with compatibility with Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers, as well as includes important bug fixes.

If you will be attending Macworld Expo 2009 please stop by our booth at #1744 and we would be happy to talk with your about our software and these updates.

WebCrusher 1.3 Most Powerful Website Optimizer for Mac OS X

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

WebCrusher 1.3 has just been released and we are pleased to announce that it is now the most powerful website optimizer for Mac OS X. In less than 6 months, WebCrusher has outpaced its competition by being able to optimize a website more than any other tool available for Mac OS X.

We used the sample website our competitor created to show the true of power of WebCrusher. See the side by side comparison of WebCrusher and its competition using the sample website our competitor created.

If you use iWeb to create your website, this update is for you. You will see significant file size reductions with this version which means much faster website loading for all of your visitors.

We’ve also added one great benefit for all registered users. You can now get up to 4 months FREE when you sign up to our web hosting. Now you can have all of your website needs under one roof with RAGE Software.

WebCrusher 1.2 Adds New Reports Feature

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Today, WebCrusher 1.2 has been released with an all new Reports feature that details exactly where optimizations were made and where improvements to your website have been made.

This free update also includes important fixes for HTML tags with embedded PHP code in them. We have also eased some of the trial restrictions so that you can now view your entire website in your web browser. Please note however that random letters are still flipped around in optimized websites so do not use optimized websites from the trial version as your live website.

WebCrusher can be purchased safely and securely from our the RAGE Online Web Store.