iWeb SEO Tool Instructions

September 15th, 2011


The videos listed below give you detailed instructions on how to use iWeb SEO Tool the proper way. It is very important to follow these instructions in order to limit errors. The videos are in order and should be watched that way.

While these videos are very helpful in teaching you the proper ways of using iWeb SEO Tool, they cannot substitute the content that is in the SEO For iWeb Walkthrough Video Tutorial. That walkthrough video tutorial goes beyond the basics of using iWeb SEO Tool and can help you dramatically improve your website’s rankings in all major search engines. Your business is definitely worth it, so we highly recommend checking out that walkthrough video tutorial. It will also save you a lot of time and heartache in the future.

1. How to open your site in iWeb SEO Tool

2. How to optimize your site in iWeb SEO Tool

3. How to publish your site to FTP in iWeb SEO Tool

4. Updating your iWeb website and using iWeb SEO Tool

5. How to make sure you published your site correctly from iWeb SEO Tool

6. How to back up your data stored in iWeb SEO Tool

7a. How to have a shortened iWeb URL by using iWeb SEO Tool

7b. How to get rid of the site redirect AND shorten the iWeb URL

8. How to use the Favicon feature in iWeb SEO Tool

9. How to publish only changes with iWeb SEO Tool

10. Setting up a Mobile friendly iWeb site

10 Responses to “iWeb SEO Tool Instructions”

  1. A Says:

    The instructional video which you have the nerve to CHARGE for may be “worth much more than IT’S price,” but so is careful proofreading. Also a little truth in advertising: your customers will pay $30 AND THEN pay to be taught how to use what they’ve just bought.

  2. Floris Says:

    Is there a way I can ftp a single (updated) webpage with iWeb SEO Tool?
    I only see an option to publish the full site, which seems a bit overdone for one font to text change on a single page of the site

  3. Jeremy Says:

    This is not possible to do. If you have iWeb 09, you can publish just your changes by clicking on the Publish Site button, then making sure the Publish Entire Site option is not checked in iWeb SEO Tool.

  4. paul Says:

    No, you get instructional videos for FREE with iWeb SEO Tool. You also get a free PDF manual. The video you are referring to is an entire SEO course which goes well beyond what iWeb SEO Tool is used for. You don’t have to buy it to learn how to use the software. We have many free video tutorials in this post AND under the VIDEO TUTORIALS tab here: http://www.ragesw.com/products/iweb-seo-tool.html

  5. Nesha Says:

    I have created a website with a second site for my internal pages, is there a way I can publish both site with the iweb SEO tool using the same hosting account.

  6. paul Says:

    You’ll have to get these instructions from your hosting provider but yes it can be done with iWeb SEO Tool.

  7. Paola Mannaro Says:

    I’m trying to access the free iWeb SEO tool video. It is asking for an order number. So I give it : RAGE130404-1390-17144 and then I try : 130404-1390-17144 Both fail. Help please. I’m in JAPAN. The order id is generated in an email by fastspring. Thanks.

  8. Jeremy Says:

    The iWeb SEO Walkthrough Video tutorial is a separate product and is not free. You need to purchase to access the video course. The order number you were using is for iWeb SEO Tool which would not give you access to the video course.

  9. David Says:

    is this a joke – i just bought the software and i have to pay an additional 30 dollars to use the videos? WHAT A JOKE

  10. paul Says:

    No you don’t. We have free video tutorials and PDF manuals for all our software. The Video Course is an in-depth, walkthrough video tutorial that goes well beyond how to use the software and that is a separate product that must be purchased.

    Your comment is on a page listing 10 FREE videos for you to use. No purchase necessary.

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